Friday, November 11, 2011

Nonsense perfect sense.

oh life.
the shannagins that unfold in the simple twenty-four hour segments that make up the measurements in which you are told, oh the days of our lives.
moments, the moments, brief, passing, flickering by to track time.
time, the only thing that cannot held on to.
cling to it as you may it slips between fingers. it escapes our grasps like the breaths of the drowning.
time is unforgiving, but so merciful, as it never goes back but always allows the new start. it's endless. but it can never be changed. closure.
my temper. I should be a red head.
facts. FALSE. clarity? sincerity. oh sweet simplicity.
I have a great love of beautiful phrases. they live in my brain and play back to me like a static filled old radio that play sweet jazz and blues to my anxious restless soul. comfort. that's what they are.
mhmmm Frank Sinatra on pandora. sit with me. sing to me. read to me. I close my eyes and hear your voice, your phrases. enchanting voices ones that hold your attention. I wish my voice were like Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's mhm her words, her voice.

where is my darling?
Super Rats.

that cursed pounding in my chest.
that ream of emotion that lives there.

I want to fly away on a hot air balloon and see the world.

let me ride shotgun, you take the wheel.
lets travel to the ocean, take off our shoes, let our toes dance in the sand.
"our" "lets" implies more than one. unity. togetherness.
I don't want your kisses.
I just want to count the sands of the sea and let the sun kiss my skin.
the wind can blow your hair.
the salty air can kiss your lips.
a moment.
time frozen.

you can't save time.
but you can have moments that freeze it.
mindbottling the things life is capable of.
puzzle and unpuzzle, mentally mold and play with: thoughts.
oh thoughs.

life simply isn't breath. live for something. I live for words part time and dreams the other. I live for religion, beauty, peace. I live to love and to lift those who need happiness. I live to smile, and pray that when my time is spent, I get the pleasure, the joy to leave this life and pass to the next. I hope the lines on my face retell the story of the life that I live, the the lines that encircle my eyes show a smile. and that when you look into those age-worn, life-lived eyes they tell stories of wind tangled hair and sunset beaches. I long for the moments to shine in my eyes. memories should always live forever, even if our bodies don't. oh starry night wrap your arms around me and hold me close.

I want to end but I can't gracefully conclude... so love the words, stay classy, and don't get to carree'd away.
xo carree