Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fresh Memories A la Mode.

because everything is better remembered, better rooted in the heart, and better gotten over with ice-cream. 

I'm going to do quite a bit of reflecting, which I have mixed feelings on. I believe one should never linger in the past pining and longing for the what-could-have-beens of day, weeks and months of life. Walking forward with eyes glued backwards tends to complicate the focus on the path, you never know where you'll end up when you can't see where each step takes you. However, on that note, the past serves as an event to be learned from but remains unchanged. That statement in and of it's self is the most sobering lesson the past has to offer us. Only the future holds growth, change, possibilities unconfined, unlimited. What we learn about our selfs with eyes cast years behind our bodies is simply, "have I learned? have we taken advantage of this enchanting opportunity to cultivate our hearts, our minds, our selfs? Are we reaching taller turning away from anger? Are we doing what truly makes us happy. Or do our steps fall in the same patterns that drive us mad with regret?"  The question now nested in the back of your mind is what could she possibly mean by this, in a way we all subconsciously see this and are well aware of my said points. More simply put and easily recognizable is Carpe Diem, seize the day. Live, learn and move forward in a passionate array, don't let chance slip from your grasp into a world of fallen opportunities, with roads long past, no way to to ease the longing pain lodged in your chest at the inability to turn back. I won't be that girl, I refuse. Here's to taking chances and embracing serendipity, and to saying hi to strangers and new friends.

So to take a step back from the back of my mind and inner debates to the simple delights of who I am. This weekend was full of love. Before you get to excited there were no men in my weekend, just a book and a movie. The book that sent me and my dear roommates into a haze of love and started the weekend off the romantic way. Said book would be "Other people's love letters, 150 letters you were never ment to see." it was just a few paragraphs into the the quirky introduction when I decided a book of this degree just had to be read aloud. Page after page of giggle and soft signs, we entered the realm of soaring hearts, where each sweet heartbeat pumped blood rich in intoxicating adoration for the beautiful words written in passion, while angry undertones of beaten spirits filled others while some where simply the loving jests and wants of new budding feelings. 

The girlie shannagins did not end with that oh no, book in hand we took our unruly raw emotions off to try the famed pie shakes that Sammy's has to offer. Another satisfying taste to fill my body, what more could one need to give life to a corpses aside from love, and pie shakes. Well Religion, that gives life it's greatest value, purpose, peace, and foundation, in my opinion but second would be love, pie shakes, and maybe a cocoa bean "better than whatever."  Moulin Rouge ensued, I enjoy the colorfulness of that movie, the visual hues as well as the varies shades story carries. Liberty, Freedom, Truth, and Love. What could top this we didn't know but had to try. Painting, something we all craved to take a stab at and this was our next rollercoaster to ride. As previously mentioned my love of the messy arts it was invigorating to experiment with.

This next weekend is already upon us for this week is nearing an end as Wednesday comes to a close. If I were to go into the details of this week the paragraphs that would follow would go on for pages and pages, but how to shorten the story and still give it the justice it deserves, the elaboration? I don't know. Monday, Home Evening where the word "um" was voted out of the vernacular. Note-worthy is the effects of considering the words we choose as opposed to thoughtless chatter. Home evening followed by yoga, remarkably enough we weren't the loudest ones in class. only once in a great while does that phenomenon occur. however a loud face-plant from me erupted the class into a fit of laughter. Tuesday indoor soccer game, sign making and cheering, and of course face paint followed by a celebrated victory of ice-cream. New friendships building while old ones begin expanding. Refreshing. My battery is officially fried in my never-loving jetta. I've been jumped so many times this semester I should have seen it coming, most certainly after last night being jumped twice. Oh life you keep yourself interesting. Today was Taco day and Tangled, groceries and goals. So many details cut the belly-monsters, the falls and bruised knees, but only to keep you from getting too carree'd away.

xo carree

p.s. just to show you how intelligent I can't be; I'll share this conversation with you. 
me- "My birthday is coming up, I've been thinking I really just want a tiered cake. it would pretty and magical and I really just want one"
tessa- "We can use the kitchen in my house it's bigger than our apartment kitchen...WAY bigger"
danielle, in between fits of giggles with tessa "uhh Honey, you don't make them like make separate pieces....." ALOT more laughter.

So yes my readers, I know you hold me in your highest regards, but believe me when I tell you I am a goof. I believe in passion oh how I believe in passion. But I believe in fun, excitement and just having a good time as well.  


  1. hahaha we FIESTA'D and we shall fiesta again tomorrow night! Bring it! oh Carree how i love your crazyness :)

  2. haha yes! it will be quit the party. cause we all know I like to party!