Thursday, March 24, 2011

My spine has the tingle.

A strong sharp tingle, climbing the vertebrae in my back faster than my heart that's skipping beat after beat slowing the blood in my veins leaving my skin kissed with the strangest sensation. No word, no beautiful, graceful word can graze the ears and penetrate the mind as well as as those knots in my heart penetrate my soul. The twists that fill my stomach leave no room for hunger, I'm satisfied so satisfied. And I can't express, elaborate, barely can I even verbalize. There's a trigger in me that fires at emotion sending me raining through the air in drops of passion, longing and dreaming; falling down on lovebirds in trees and on park benches. Dancing in the storm of falling bits of me. Shared dreams in stanzas that reach inside my chest, rip open my soul, bare, aching for dreams of a much similar statue. Open, free, unafraid of judgement, angry cold eyes. I amble down the quite street to total consumption, enjoying each slow second as it ticks by into the beat of a drum pushing me as I march down the road longing to be spent like the last two dollars you've been saving. Your sounds go though me, they shake me, bring me to my knees almost. Eyes closed, ears opened, just falling, tumbling against you, in to you, finding peace in your ribcage curled up next to your heart, while my eyelids rest, drifting into a disillusioned dream, our heartbeats sink, beating together as one, while your words become your world, and your world my dream, in side the cavity of your chest, the ream of blood vessels that form your heart beside me, in you, against you with only my ears opened, eyes closed listening to the sounds of you.

This is what poetry delivered well does to me. When I can feel tone echoing inside my core being pumped to every part of me, head to toe. in those few moments of reading strangers feel as well know as some of the dearest friends. but Ahhhhhhhhhhhh (yes that is a yell) this isn't what I wanted my blog post to be about, I just stumbled upon something unavoidably amazing and blog worthy as I went to write about something else that was amazing and blog worthy. Bold is usually followed by subtle so I just started with what couldn't be contained now I'll transition to the quite little things that moved my world around. Here it goes....

whilst attempting to do homework on the mckay 3rd floor (or refereed to in my apartment the "party floor") but checking my school email, and chasing my tail looking for the assignment. A girl with a sign in the row behind the row across from me (bad description but I hope you can picture it) catches my eye. When I  finally get a better look at her sign it says "free hugs" and in the corner "no talking" I watch her go down the line and show each person the sign and wait for their response. I start to notice that other people are looking up at her too. When she reaches acquaintances I know, I find myself eagerly waiting for their response. I soon realize that the back of her sign says "pretty please" for those who look puzzled and unable to answer. I, myself excitedly waiting for my turn and watching as she comes down the other side. This is when I realize that she knows ASL (american sign language) and she's signing "thank you" to each person who gives her a hug. My excitement more than doubled as I prepared to sign "yes" to her before I hug her. I know a little sign so it was really fun to watch her saying thanks. Her excitement at my signing yes was almost at the point of mine as I waited for my turn for a hug. I know it sounds simple and almost silly but this made my day. I'm tired and it's way past my bedtime so as her quite act was short and sweet so will this post. a little protection to keep you from getting too carree'd away.

xo carree


  1. Ahh! That first paragraph was so beautiful :))

    I`ve seen people like that on my campus (ones with free hug signs). It was so cool that you had a moment with her ^^ I envy you! All kinds of amazing things happen around you.

  2. I wanna give that girl a hug! That's so awesome that someone was doing that at BYU.