Monday, March 5, 2012

comic relief in life.

Laughter. It heals practically everything. Well there are better ways for deeper healing but on a simple level laughter can fix a day. It can be a turning point. It always makes me feel better. So our story begins just a few hours ago.

My little cousin likes to play soccer with me. Before you get to impressed with me let me say that he is in 1st grade, and is more excited about how far I can kick and how I can "out-smart" him. So I'm no star just a big kid a little kid looks up to with long legs, and far kicks. He taught me some tricks and we did drills where I was very quickly reminded that I have two left feet. VERY entertaining! However these are not the shannagins of which I have intended to blog about, the story I wish to recount to you my dear readers is that happened while we were playing. But to tell that story I have to preface with something that happened a few months ago.

A good friend of mine, one who confessed to wanting to be mentioned in my "famed" blog and now has the chance but it will for sure NOT be how they would like it done but it gives me quite a kick to do it this way, any ways I digress, so back to the story. While chatting and swapping stories to pass the time with my friend they told me of their childhood adventures, and a few misadventures. I was quite entertained however my FAVORITE story was one that involved a younger version of my friend, greeting his daddy after a long day of work. Sounds picture perfect and adorable right? WRONG, my friend went to rest their hand on the truck bed unknowingly right on top of a bee, which flew into the collar of their shirt and stung them right in the neck. When they told me this I thought I was going to die laughing. I'll admit, it wasn't the best thing a friend should do. But I couldn't help it. now this is the reader digest to the story, but I got a huge kick out of it, anything I would think about it I was laugh to myself.

If you're grinning now I take it you've figured out the road I'm on and where this is going.

Setting? Check. Preface? Check. Now it's time for the story. So the intense soccer battle continues when I hear a buzz in my ear, instant panic, my heart races and I jumped out of my skin, swatting my hair and trying to shoo this tiny terrorist out of my hair. The buzzing stops. VICTORY! SUCCESS! Those who know me know I fall slightly on the snarky smug side. I grin and think to myself, "yeah no bee is getting this neck, pshh I got this." So we keep playing. With my "incredible skills" I kick the soccer ball under my brother's car. Rake in hand we try to get the ball out from under the car, midprocess I hear the buzzing again and there is NOTHING I can do to stop it. The little beast ended up tangled in my hair. The rest is all downhill from there,   I felt him fly in to the back of my shirt. Defeat. He was stuck and I was doomed. Unbelievable I was trapped. He got me, stung in the shoulder.

Ever had to eat words? Better yet ever had to mentally eat your own words and feel the irony tickle your tummy? Yeah. Best part? Telling your little siblings about both incidents and getting laughed just as hard by two people. I never have to eat my words, I'm too clever, and yet today I had to eat them. VERY entertaining. But you know what? I laughed. it was so funny, it was so great, it was the perfect ironic comic relief life could have handed me. I laughed my little head off, and I hope that the thought and the mental picture of the graceful and classy me, dancing the dance of life with the bee today makes you laugh. it was funny to see.

In the words of motion city sounds track, "I'm a mess I'm a wreak" but in the words of the writer, the liver and the dreamer, Carree. I'm a mess, I'm a wreak, I'm one of a kind and I'm happy. I dance to the beat of my own drum, maybe even a tambourine. But I enjoy the strangeness in life that lets you know nothing happens by chance. And anything can make you laugh if you're looking for happiness. I am who I am, and I share it with my readers. Read, learn of my oddities but don't get carree'd away!

xo carree

PS to those who have asked me about my blog. I'm way sorry I don't update as much as I should! I haven't forgotten you! I'll try to be better. BUT in all fairness I WARNED you! I tell you everytime! Don't get carree'd away! I can't help who I am and my irresistibly. Unprofessional to admit, I know, but I can't help it I'm a rebel. my dears I'll warn again, run! Don't get carree'd away!

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