Thursday, June 30, 2011

I hope I smell like personality

just finished reading the post of my friends. I really love doing that, it's interesting to ride their train of thought and to see each person's life in words. I'm pretty bad at consistently updating my blog. It's not that I don't love writing, believe me I quite enjoy playing word games while telling you about my simple life. I guess it's just busy. pathetic excuse right? BUT there is a plus here, I will redeem my lame excuse with a recount of my busyness.

It's fairly common knowledge that I'm a twin, and that she just got hitched. Exciting, but how strange my life is now. I mean come on and think about it, 20 years of all-day-every-daying it up with someone will cause quite an attachment. I'm happy for her, sincerely happy for her, I refuse to say more about the subject of my new bizarre life. I will just say that God has a sense of humor and anytime I'm sad, possibly crying, he makes me laugh.laugh isn't a good enough word for what it is, it's like this laugh about something goofy that just brightens my day, like a little blanket of warm fuzzies... I should create a word that thus fits that definition. A perfect example would be last night, ohh last night. I guess I should do "background-ing" I have a love/hate (ya know love to hate) relationship with my friends boyfriend. We are constantly at a battle of wits. I will humbly admit that I'd never lost. (this isn't just me saying that you could ask anyone, even him, he'd admit it, I'm quite clever) Setting: afternoon, my apartment couch, me her and him. I walk by and he come out with a "you've got herpes carree" evil smile (just to let you know my evil smile is somewhat adorable, to onlookers) "I know weren't you wondering how your girlfriend got it" him absolute look of defeat. me = SMUG, smug as ever. I guess I should clarify that no one ACTUALLY has herpes. me continuing down a road of complete and total egotistical conceit "you'll never get me, I'm just to clever, too fast. but nice try...tell me again how you DIDN'T see that one coming? hmmm?" oh yeah I was quite the little snot. ps my words? FAMOUS last words. how did I NOT see karma walk across the room to take his side? hmm? jeeze. SO story proceeds. When my sister got married we decided that we would have weekly twinner dates, since I was always going on roommate dates with my friend mentioned above. We go on our first just the two of us hangout since she'd been married. IT WAS AMAZING. We went for a walk and just talked like we use to which was AMAZING just like always only when it was over she went home and I went home to two different homes. That was the moment it all became real. (funny it wasn't the wedding or the living apart for two weeks, it was just that moment) I'm a total wimp. in-case you didn't know that. But I never cry about life, I cry during movies, oh yeah like a blubbering beached whale crossed with a leaky facet during movies but life? yeah almost never. last night I was way past leaky facet whale child. I went to go in my apartment and shut the door, trying to pull myself together. little did I know when I opened the door for real, tyler was going to leap out and spook the mess out of me. CLEARLY my skin was a good ten yard behind me because I jumped right out of it, and crash-landed to the floor and back to reality. Where I laughed back into my new regular life. Life, it ALWAYS works out. and decidedly it can always be positive. they say life flashes before your eyes when you die, I really can't wait to see that part.

 What else? I do activities for my ward, and we had an incredible canoe trip which I photo-documented. It was, in a word "EPIC." you know the kind of canoe, game day that deserve a soundtrack that just pumps you up and makes you want to slow motion thunder punch a moose. intense, I know right? consider it now word-documented. Fun-Run Rely and shirt making. my creativity is getting better I'm now at a wonderful level of decency where people don't mind wearing my creations on their bodies...ok so I cheated and used a sentcile don't hate. Plus two quite talented talent shows where my mind was blown right from between my ears. that good. Needless to say through out all this I've made quite a basket of new friends and really gotten to know everyone. This we without a doubt make the end of the semester coming in 3 weeks quite a bummingly sad moment. Thus is life though, I find that meeting people and getting to know them is quite an adventure in and of it's self. I've done so many things that it's a curve-ball I'm still passing and excelling in all my class, yeah again I believe the credit for that one goes to God. Everyone knows I multitask about as well as a one legged elephant with a cold.

I guess I just want you to know that I'm happy. Not creepy carnival happy but sunny day, blue sky, dancing in a field of sunflowers happy. just listen you can hear my feet dance in a rhythm much like a heart beat, to just the tune of the summer birds singing sweet melodies of love. take a deep breath and breathe me in, just try not to get too carree'd away

xo carree

ps fettucini alfredo tonight? yes, please!!! my favorite. it's another great day at byu-idaho. (I really hope at least one person gets the reference in that last part.) also I think this is the shortest post I've ever posted, I'm kind of proud of my self. check out who now has word control.

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