Sunday, August 14, 2011


Main Entry:perspective
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:view, outlook
Synonyms:angleaspectattitudebroad view, context,frame of reference, 
headset, landscapemindset,objectivity, overview,
 panoramaproportion,prospectrelationrelative importance, 
relativity,scenesize of it, viewpointvista,

 way of looking

Notes:perspective  is a way of regarding situations ortopics or a mental view or
 the state of one'sideas; 
prospective  means concerned with orrelated to
 the future

Oh Thesaurus you are a dear friend of mine, you make beautiful words that much more profound, deeper meanings, deeper thinking. Words with so many meanings can be interpreted so many different was. It’s fascinating to know that even with so much to translate within the same language with so many meanings and trigger words to understand feelings which are that much more complex. Feelings. Emotions. And to describe them with words with different meanings and understandings from person to person? Yes, it amazes me that we are able to build relationships with other human beings as we do. Sorry sidetracked by the complexity of something we do so automatically and unthinkingly everyday. Communication. Profound. BUT on to the reason for blogging.

Stress. Life. Less than sunny feelings. Rare for me I know however when rain clouds come and I feel a "character building day" coming on I try to brace myself and I go for walks. Walks or wonderings they clear my head and make the world simpler. I truly am a simple girl in a simple work. Plain is perfect. I digress back to the topic today after one too many verbal or communicative mishaps I thought it would be best if I took myself out for a stroll around the block to bring back sanity. And I stumbling on to a train of though and didn't give off. That ride is what I want to share with you. 

(sorry about the shabby picture quality I didn't have my real camera with me, I should really take him on my wonderings we would have a swell time and I'd probably reach sanity a lot quicker) 
Let me explain why I posted this here. It's a picture of the same thing the only difference is perspective. As everyone knows I go NUTS for the fisheye, it's my favorite angle it's strange, awkward, fun just like me. It makes me happy. I just find it ascetically pleasing. Continuing ... I'm an avid user of the crosswalk buttons and when I went to push it today I noticed that it was my angle my perspective. I had to snap a picture. But when I thought about it, I almost laughed, it's so small so tiny in the grand scheme of things. Just like my plans are to the world and to the eternities. Let me elaborate.

I took these pictures a little while later on my walk. They are of the same thing. Different perspective. The 1st picture again would be of my limited and frustrating perspective. I think that I can do whatever with my lenses and limits which is true we have the power of choice we can choose to do whatever we like but we caution. There are consequences. But it's neat to know that the one leading me has a greater perspective than mine. He can see the whole path and the bright future that lays before me that I simply overlook because I get so focused on the details. Details, the complexities, the unnessisities, the senselessnesses. Simple. Life is simple when you let God take the wheel, and trust.

But we all know trust would be something that I need to work on. I'd elaborate in beautiful words with meanings in layers to unfold ponder and debate about however that is another post for another day because there is a sweet raspberry lemonade and warm speggitti awaiting my arrival. I'm homebound, star struck and eyes shinny once again with sunbeams in my eyes and sunshine in my soul. my dearest and fairest of friends as always know I love you, and in turn love me flaws and all but make me a promise, never get too carree'd away.
xo carree

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  1. I love it! Beautiful, eloquent, and ever true. Love ya sissypooooo C: